Corporate Citizen

The owners and staff of MCC Albany take very seriously their responsibility of sustainable, best-practice management methods.

This page is intended to give our clients comfort that we take care in our roles as  employers and as a corporate citizen.


MCC Albany is committed to being a fair, consistent, lawful employer. Recruiting, retaining and training good staff is a key business driver. We also pride ourselves in creating an open workplace with a culture which staff find comfortable and reliable.


We have a lively OSH Committee which manages safety issues and internal processes in line with ACC guidelines.We maintain teams of trained First Aiders, Forklift Operators, Dangerous Goods Material Handlers and Fire Wardens.We operate a timetable of inspections, fire drills and audits to check compliance within the various relevant regulations.

In April 2011 we achieved WSMP Tertiary status following an ACC Audit.


Each year the wine community in Hawkes Bay sponsor an auction and all proceeds go to Cranford Hospice. MCC Albany donates the wine labels for this event.


It is a privilege to partner with Abilities on Auckland's North Shore. They make up (from flats) something like 15,000 A4 laser label boxes a month.

130 people with disabilities work at Abilities, gainful employment with a huge positive downstream impact on our community. We intend to grow our relationship with Abilities, truly a win/win/win for our clients/our community/our business.


We are committed to being price competitive on a global basis, even when competing with label manufacturers in countries with lower labour costs. The key to this is having the fastest, most productive equipment available in the world.The best thing we can do for the Community and for New Zealand is to run a sustainably profitable business which is growing and thriving.


We are committed to assisting the North Shore Hospice, long term. For the past 3 years we have funded the annual Hospice Christmas lunch for patients, staff and their families. We do this instead of handing out gifts to our key clients, and we've had feedback that they agree with our Christmas stance.

It is an honour to be able to assist the Hospice, a place of humility and courage.


To talk through any of this, please call our General Manager, Keri Dempster on 021449 907.