WebCenter Guide

WebCenter Online Proofing Guide

Part of being MCC Albany is improving process efficiency and communication with our customers.

MCC Albanys WebCenter is an easy to use, label management solution that streamlines label artwork proof approval and communication between MCC Albany and our customers. This online artwork approval process is integrated into our automated Prepress processes.

The workflow within WebCenter provides an efficient platform for visible and traceable approval cycles, ensuring that tasks are carried out by the right person at the right time. It allows our customers to collaborate with proof approvals including revisions and is a centralised asset management for customer art files.

Each customer has their own log in details via this web-based platform where they can review and approve artwork anywhere, anytime.

For our wine customers, we provide a point of difference with WebCenter coupled with our vintage rollover function – this gives our wine customers access to update their previous vintage artwork.

Download our WebCenter Online Proofing Guide or contact us for more information.