Software Compatible Labels

Printing Labels in Word

Printing software compatible laser labels with Microsoft Word:

Word 2000 or earlier - select TOOLS then ENVELOPES & LABELS.
Word 2002 - select TOOLS then LETTERS & MAILINGS then ENVELOPES & LABELS.
Word 2010 or more recent - select MAILINGS tab

Select the LABEL tab.
Click on the OPTIONS tab.
(For Word 2002 or earlier only) Under Printer Information select LASER & INKJET.

Under Label Products choose AVERY A4 & A5 SIZES.
Then scroll through the list and select the matching code. Then click OK.

Select NEW DOCUMENT. The label layout will be shown with gridlines.
If no gridlines are showing click on TABLE then SHOW GRIDLINES (or view and tick the GUIDELINES box for Word 2010 or more recent).

Then type the information into the label cells (including mail merging), and print as you wish.