Wine Papers

Label paper 'stocks':

Kantac Cast Coated – The majority of our wine labels are produced on a Japanese gloss cast coated paper, which is then varnish-treated for protection & effect. Most of the varnish options matt the paper down to a silky smooth finish. Some prefer a high gloss finish. Whichever varnish you choose, our Kantac cast coated paper has the best performance for moisture protection and anti-scuffing. At Rapid Labels we use Kantac C51, a repositionable-adhesive cast-coated wine paper which we consider, in combination with our own wine varnish, to be just about bullet proof. We are also offering the C58 (Permanent) version and a Supergloss cast-coated gloss paper with permanent adhesive on a 30micron PET liner.

Clear on Clear Synthetic – Clear labels with clear liners which produce a 'no look label' effect. Bottling plants have to manage static and rigidity issues during application. But with a simple clean design, clear labels can look great on the bottle. At Rapid Labels we only use our proven clear P62 /7 material & wine varnish which is a combination that works.

Laid Stocks – Textured uncoated papers with open-weave fibres which have a tendency to absorb moisture. Soft laid stocks look spectacular on glass, are appealing to touch, but do not have the strength or moisture protection of coated papers. Premium price.

Rapid Labels has access to any and every pressure sensitive stock. Contact us for more information.

Glassine Liners – We offer a Liner Recycling Programme for white glassine liner waste. Join our Liner Recycling Program and help contribute to a sustainable future by diverting waste from landfill. Find out more here.

Polyester PET Liners – Cast coated wine stock as well as Estate wine papers with a PET liner are available and result in fewer web breaks and the ability to run at higher speeds. PET liners provide a stronger backing for a more intense emboss or deboss as well. Rolls of PET liner rolls (post-application) can also be sent to a depot for downstream recycling. Most NZ waste management companies offer a pickup service for reasonable volumes of PET liner.