2017 Best of the Best

2017 Best of the Best

We’re very excited to announce that our Floating Foil Snapper has won Best of the Best at the World Label Awards in Chicago.

This print technique of floating foil is exclusive in New Zealand to Rapid Labels and a first for the NZ label market – a testament to our team and their innovative capabilities.

The Awards Dinner was held at LabelExpo, Chicago (the pre-eminent world wide label exhibition) in September 2018 in order to present four new Global awards to the "Best of the Best"  from the World Label Awards of 2017.

The "Best of the Best" is intended to recognise one winner for each technology being Flexo, Letterpress, Offset, Digital and Combination (being a job run using more than one of the preceding four technologies).

We had won a gold for our Floating Foil Snapper and Pure Shade Sunscreen labels at Pride in Print NZ 2017.

We then won World Label Awards for these two so we were in contention for one of the four "Best of the Best" awards.

Paul Agnew and Alex Straight were in Chicago and able to accept this Best of the Best award – check out the celebrations below and more here.

Floating Foil Snapper

That's us!

So proud of our team!