Linerless Labels

Linerless Labels

Linerless labels are labels that do not have a liner/backing paper.

The labels have a release coating applied to the top of the face-stock to prevent the adhesive (label) sticking onto itself.

The advantages of linerless labels:

  • No unnecessary waste to dispose of – no liner wastage
  • Gaining efficiencies during the label application process
    • User does not have to pause to peel label off liner
    • User doesn’t need to pause to deal with liner – clean workspace
  • Print variable label lengths from one roll for different labelling requirements
  • Less waste disposal results in reduced carbon emission

Ideal applications to transition from regular direct thermal labels to linerless labels is in the Freight, Logistics, Warehousing and Pack House environments.

MCC Albany has a unique offer in that we can supply the linerless labels and/or the printer and software that are capable of printing onto linerless labels.

We have a range of thermal desktop, tabletop and mobile printers that support linerless labels, or contact us to find out if we can help you retrofit your printer to handle linerless labels.

Questions? Feel free to contact us for more information.

The image below illustrates the difference between linerless labels and labels with a liner: