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Zebra Printers

zebra printerExtensive range of Zebra Label Printers 

Zebra Desktop, Mobile & Industrial Printers 

MCC Albany is a Zebra Printers Premium Partner, so we have full access to Zebra Printers and parts direct from the USA, as well as a selection of Zebra demonstration printers. We are NZ's leading supplier of Zebra Printers and products.

Due to our knowledge of Zebra products, stock holdings, and in-house service record, MCC Albany is the best choice for companies looking for thermal printing solutions. Since we are known for quality end-to-end customer service, we set ourselves apart from those who only offer box-drop services.

MCC Albany will ensure that your Zebra Printers are fully operational after you purchase them from us and that any issues are resolved within a few days of delivery.

Then, we offer labels and ribbons for your Zebra Printer, as well as preventative maintenance and pre-paid regular maintenance. Read more about our Zebra Printer Maintenance service and Zebra repairs here.

 Zebra Printer Labels Premium Partners 

MCC Albanys association with Zebra Technologies dates back to 1989 when Zebra appointed Allmark Industries (one of our previous names) to resell their range of thermal printers in New Zealand. We introduced Zebra Printers to the country, starting out with NZ Post outlets who were printing Land Transport Vehicle Registration tags.

Since that time we have sold and serviced thousands of Zebra Printers, to the point where theMCC Albany and Zebra brands are intrinsically linked in New Zealand.

In 2006 we also took on the Zebra Mobile Printer range, which is available only to qualifying resellers.

Our extensive Zebra product knowledge, stock holding and service record makes MCC Albany the best option for companies seeking Zebra thermal printing solutions. 

Browse our full range Zebra Label Printers, Zebra Card Printers and Zebra Mobile Printers in our latest Catalogue. This includes:

  • Zebra ZD410 Label Printer
  • Zebra ZD220, 420 and 620 Series Label Printers
  • Zebra ZT231 Label Printer 
  • Zebra ZT400 Label Printer
  • Zebra ZT510 Label Printer
  • Zebra ZT600 and 220Xi4™ Series Label Printers
  • Zebra Mobile Printers ZQ300, ZQ500 and ZQ600 series 

Learn more about each Zebra Label Printer, features and upgrade options. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Give us a call and we’ll source it for you.  

Zebra Printer Repairs 

MCC Albany is ZASP Accredited (Zebra Accredited Service Plan), meaning our Zebra Printer Technicians have the training and experience to carry out all Zebra Printer Repairs and Zebra Printer Maintenance. Find out more about our Onsite Zebra Repair Center or call to  book your Zebra Printer Service.