Managing Waste

The owners and staff of MCC Albany take very seriously their responsibility of compliance to sustainable, best-practice management methods.

This page is intended to give our clients comfort that we take care in our various roles as buyers, manufacturers, employers and suppliers.


We commission annual independent audits for Environmental Issues, Fire Safety and OSH Practices. Achievements against action plans resulting from these audits are reported to our directors.


Non-recyclable waste is cleared daily by  our waste contractor.

Chemical waste disposal is managed by a certified third-party contractor, using vacuum extraction and bunded safety areas for chemical waste containers. The third-party contractor is certified under the 2003 Code of Practice for the Liquid and Hazardous Waste Industry and they separate, convert and recycle our waste as much as current technology permits.

Office and general waste is recycled. Paper is recycled by a third-party contractor, as is all flattened cardboard.

Glass, plastic and tins goes curbside for the local Council to recycle each fortnight.


Our label converting equipment emits only pure ozone, vented into the atmosphere through formal trunking, a small but worthwhile win for NZ ozone levels.


The vast majority of inks in MCC Albanys plant are UV. Unlike conventional printing inks that are based on an aqueous or solvent carrier, UV inks do not require a solvent/thinner which has to be eliminated by evaporation or absorption. The UV ink/varnish remains entirely on the finished substrate. As a result, on behalf of the environment, UV technology is one of the cleanest printing processes.


No solvents are used in MCC Albanys in-house digital plate making processes.

We use limited liquid solvent cleaners and all used solvent rags are placed in covered bins which are picked up and disposed of by our chemical waste contractor.


We operate a series of close supply partnerships for importing self adhesive raw materials. Our primary supply partners (UPM Raflatac and Avery Dennison) are significant international businesses with public policies regarding toxins and waste.

We offer clients label stocks with a recycled content when available.

Tree-free papers are becoming commercially available, made from bamboo, waste rock and bagasse (sugar cane).


For more information on 'sustainability speak' ie what do the terms Carbon Neutral, FSC, PEFC etc mean? Click here to access an article from the NZ Printer magazine which explains it all.

For more detail on any of these issues please call our General Manager, Marco Adriaanse 021 629700.