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Latest News
Thursday, 14 Dec 2023
Printed on an FSC® certified black pepper label material, The True Honey Co 2050+MGO/UMF™34+, this is the crown jewel of The True Honey Co.’s collection. With only 1000 highly collectible jars produced, it was imperative that the label reflect this luxury honey brand. The jar label... more
Monday, 13 Nov 2023
From the 25-hectare Riflemans vineyard comes this legendary, award-winning Chardonnay. The label, printed on Takaka, represents the pedigree of the wine. Takaka is a sustainable label material produced from 100% pure cotton fibres, repurposing a renewable source and alleviating pressure... more
Monday, 16 Oct 2023
Label of the month: October 2023 This week is Recycling Week, and in conjunction with our Label of the Month we’re featuring Lewis Road Creamery’s sustainability journey. Commencing in 2018 Lewis Road Creamery transitioned to a more sustainable packaging portfolio across their range... more
Friday, 15 Sep 2023
Label of the month: September 2023 The ‘Art of Wine’ is clearly demonstrated in this stunning new collection from Clos Henri. Our uncoated, premium wine material – Alpine Tussock, forms the basis of the labels. The designs meld together ink and foil, illustrating nuances of the wine... more
Friday, 07 Jul 2023
Have you heard of mobile printers? Increase productivity and enhance your on-the-go printing capabilities with Zebra’s state-of-the-art mobile printers from Rapid Labels. Ideal for printing labels, price tags, barcodes, badges, vouchers, receipts, shipping labels, tickets and so much... more
Monday, 29 May 2023
This cutting-edge sustainable paper is FSC® certified and contains up to 50% natural dried grass fibres,  giving the paper its distinctive texture and appearance. The randomness of the grass fibres and colour of the paper makes each label uniquely different. Read more about it here. more
Monday, 18 Jul 2022
Our Rapid Remix Top 10 singles have dropped! We’re excited to announce the release of another innovative project, created by our team of label and music enthusiasts. Delight in the craftsmanship of the labels as well as the display box that ties it all together. Each hit features an array... more
Friday, 27 May 2022
Thanks for taking this trip with us through the Rapid Remix playlist! We’re very excited to share this one – there are so many special features that are best seen in person so don’t delay, contact us today! more
Wednesday, 25 May 2022
Pacman We’ve come to the end of our Rapid Remix playlist, and we’re ending with a fun, interactive one. Pacman has run out of time – the ghosts are flashing white and when you place him in sunlight, they’ll colour up and be back to get him! Solarcoat is a great embellishment that adds... more
Wednesday, 18 May 2022
Softbuild Bob With Softbuild Bob, when you run your fingers over this label, you’ll relax back and take it eeeasy maaan… One of our most recent innovations – Softbuild is a highbuild that feels so soft. It offers a different tactile option to suit especially unique designs. This is... more
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