Label of the Month: October 2023

Monday, 16 Oct 2023
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Label of the month: October 2023

This week is Recycling Week, and in conjunction with
our Label of the Month we’re featuring Lewis Road
Creamery’s sustainability journey.

Commencing in 2018 Lewis Road Creamery transitioned
to a more sustainable packaging portfolio across their
range of milk products. The iconic Lewis Road Creamery
milk bottles received a makeover, upgrading to 100%
recycled plastic (rPET) milk bottles. Since then, Lewis Road
have incorporated this bold initiative across their full white milk,
flavoured milk and cream portfolio, eliminating nearly 1,000 tonnes
of virgin PET from their packaging supply chain – equating to over
20 million bottles.  But that’s not all, the bottles and lids are also
100% recyclable (based on your council facilities).

Their labels are printed on a clear material to give the ‘no label’ look.
The use of foil adds an extra element highlighting the flavour profile.
In collaboration with ourselves & Avery Dennison, Lewis Road Creamery
has transitioned to a more sustainable label solution, adding to their
sustainability goals.

All their labels are printed on a clear material that incorporates a special
CleanFlakeTM Adhesive Technology. This material ticks 3 of our
Rapid 5 ‘R’s for a sustainable future.

  1. Reduced: The facestock is 33% thinner in comparison to their
    previous labels. Using comparably less raw materials conserves
    limited natural resources. The thinner materials provide more
    labels per roll which in turn reduces the environmental impact
    in transportation storage and label application.
  2. Recycling Enabled: CleanFlakeTM Adhesive Technology is the
    world’s first adhesive that separates cleanly from plastic
    containers during the caustic wash at the PET recycling stage.
    This means that there is no need to remove the labels when
    recycling PET containers. 
  3. Recycled Content: The label liner is made from Post-Consumer Waste
    (PCW) PET bottle flakes.

Their label material and rPET bottles create a circular system where the
100% recycled PET bottles & label are 100% recyclable too, & when recycled
the remaining rPET pellets can be reused to make new rPET bottles,
rPET label facestock & liners too!

Contact us for information about this material & Rapid’s 5 ‘R’s.