Label of the Month: November 2023

Monday, 13 Nov 2023
iconnov 23_lom

From the 25-hectare Riflemans vineyard comes this
legendary, award-winning Chardonnay.
The label, printed on Takaka, represents the pedigree
of the wine. Takaka is a sustainable label material
produced from 100% pure cotton fibres, repurposing
a renewable source and alleviating pressure from
forests. Its thick, texturous nature makes it the perfect
carrier for the label design and the embellishments.

The label is further enhanced using copper foil and a
standout 3D sculpted emboss, which frames the design
elegantly. Gloss highbuild varnish highlights the brand
further and draws attention and added tactility to the
label elements. This is a label that truly reflects the
wine and elevates the brand.

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